Loving these locally-produced face masks!
#StaySafe #SupportLocal #FightCovidTogether

I'm so glad that I jumped on the whole support local bandwagon. It's given me a whole new spin on content that I can put out there without all the bashers making fun of me. Ugh, I hate this pandemic so much.

In the early months of lockdown, I have to admit I kind of panicked. With all of us stuck in our homes, what would I post to my Instagram feed? No more gym selfies with quotes curated from BrainyQuote or wherever. No more instant photoshoots on the streets of BGC. No more thoughtful selfies with whatever new coffee or milk tea place seems trendy enough or IG-worthy. What a tragedy, really.

I tried dredging up old photos from before the pandemic and that sort of worked for a while. I did a few home workout Stories and that got some engagement, but nothing like my usual stuff before the lockdown. Talk about social media panic.