Since 15 March 2020, Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines have been placed under quarantine. The severity of government limitations on movement have varied over the months, but there's no question that the country continues to have the world's longest lockdown at well over 200 days A YEAR.

As stressful and bleak as this period can be for everyone, it is a unique period of our history that will certainly influence creative efforts across different media. In my case, I think I want to try to write a series of short stories that capture different aspects of the quarantine experience. It's certainly a period that can act as a rich inspiration for all sorts of stories.

I'm not sure how this is going to go - I haven't really written anything all that creative for years now. And stashing the stories here is sort of public but still not easily discoverable at the same time. So yeah, I don't expect to write Shakespeare or anything. But it's better than nothing.