The Long Night

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Written June - October 2011 (mm)

Part 1

I knew something was up from the moment that I woke up. To begin with, opening my eyes still left me in absolute darkness. Then I realized that there were still slivers of light at the edges of my vision - and the distinct feeling that there was something covering my eyes.

"Robert!" I yelled as I did my best to explore my current predicament. It wasn't just a blindfold apparently - my arms and legs were all being in held in place. At the very least, the restraints were rather soft and almost satin-ish in feel, so that ruled out kidnapping or something bad. It did point the finger back at my boyfriend, who had a penchant for, well, surprises.

I tried calling out a few more times, but I didn't get a response. It was hard to tell if he was just there in the room with me - I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. The bastard could get very dedicated to his more creative efforts to spice up our sex life.

Then I felt a breath blowing against my ear.

"Sweetie?" I asked as I futilely turned my head in the direction of what I thought to be breathing. As I did so, my lips met a tongue darting forward to taste mine. This quickly turned into a full-on kiss, and I knew that it was boyfriend for sure - every guy kisses in a different way after all.

I felt his hand start tracing patterns across my body, thus making the hairs all over my body stand on end for a bit. The mixed comfort and excitement of being under his control this way was a weird feeling to be sure. But at least it was my boyfriend and not some creepy pervert that might have found a way to subdue me without my knowing or something. His fingers twiddled with my nipples a bit as he continued to kiss me - the occasional pinch sending short shocks of pain that left a lingering yet still pleasurable feeling.

"Good morning sweetie." he answered as he stopped his oral assault for a moment, his hands continuing to dance across my chest as if he was exploring my body for the very first time. "Robert, honey, what are you...uuuh...doing?" I ventured asking, my speech a bit strained as he continued to touch all my sensitive spots. The boy knew what turned me on quite well and he was certainly demonstrating that knowledge right now.

"Happy anniversary" he replied, the statement confusing me more than his attempts to make me lose focus with his wandering fingers. I knew it wasn't our actual anniversary today - that was a few months off. "Anniversary for what...sweetie?" I asked, just as he raked his nails lightly against the side of my body. Despite my best efforts at control, my breathing was becoming a bit more ragged as he continued to work me up.

"The anniversary of the first time we fucked, of course." he replied with a chuckle as his hands finally stopped their assault. I had no idea he actually remembered that date.

He had left me in silence for a number of minutes - hard to gauge the time when you can't see anything. The hard-on that had formed after his initial ministrations had already started to go down as I wondered what he was planning to do. The boy read a fair amount of those stories you find on sites like - and I'm sure that gave him plenty of different ideas for tonight. Case in point - this was the first time that he had ever tried tying me up.

I tried tugging at my restraints a bit and it seemed they were pretty secure. At least the knots weren't too uncomfortable - I had a decent amount of slack and the knots weren't too tight, nor did they seem to tighten too much if I moved about more.

My examination of my restraints halted once I felt something cold being applied to my penis - perhaps lube? But when I heard that unmistakable spray next, I knew what was going on. That last bit was definitely whipped cream, so the cold stuff before that must be syrup? Oh boy.

The cold wasn't doing much for bringing back my erection, but the warmth of his tongue starting to lap up whatever he had applied to me certainly did. And boy did he go at it - licking up every last bit with the eagerness of a 3 year old tasting an ice cream cone for the very first time. His licking turned into full on sucking and I felt my toes curl as he took me in deep. But as I started to lose myself to the intensity of his blowjob, I felt more of the cold substance dripping over the rest of my body. He was multi-tasking.

"Don't...I get to...ohgods...see...what you're doing?" I tried asking as he followed his syrupy treasure trail across the rest of my body. His tongue could work wonders I swear and he was definitely making sure that I felt that now. I felt his tongue against the light hairs on my stomach as he traced each abdominal with his tongue, taking extra time to explore each groove. He left me panting by the time he had sucked upon each of my nipples, sometimes tugging at the stray hairs around each of them with his teeth.

Finally he kissed me again, pausing for a moment to whisper into my ear, "not just yet my love" before he resumed, his own hard-on quite noticeably pressing against mine as we kissed. He was still wearing underwear though - I could feel the press of the fabric between our pulsing shafts as he grinded his crotch against me. He was definitely enjoying this though - I was pretty certain the dampness that I'd feel from time to time wasn't just because of the syrup or his saliva.

He stopped again and returned to my cock, finding every which way to elicit a moaning reaction from me. His tongue darted about the increasingly sensitive glans or he'd plunge lower to take my balls into his warm, moist mouth. He'd deep throat me once or twice and them he'd revert back to using his tongue to massage may shaft. I could feel the pressure rising as he continued to go to town with my deck and I figured it didn't matter now if this was a strange anniversary to celebrate. Who'd say not to a blow job like this?

"Don't stop!" I moaned between quickening breaths as he continued to lick, suck and fondle my cock with impressive gusto. I couldn't help but thrust a few times, trying to get myself deeper into his warm, waiting mouth. Sometimes he'd let me but other times he's pull back, leaving my cock straining in the cool air of our bedroom.

"Oh fuuuuuck" I gasped as he took me all the way down to the base of my shaft while his fingers resumed touching and pinching various parts of my body. I was getting really close.

And then I was left thrusting my raging cock into nothing but air. His deliciously torturous fingers had stopped their tweaking and poking. I could feel my cock pulsing and twitching in angry gestures as it waited for the release it craved. But nothing.

Then I heard him giggling beside me as I hands ineffectually strained against my bonds again. "Fuck babe, why'd you stop? Let me cum already!" I shouted with a bit more anger than I had intended. You have to understand - you just can't leave a guy hanging on the edge like that!

But he just chuckled a bit more as he taunted, "Not yet."

I felt him grab my shaft rather firmly, the pressure a welcome presence on my cock. I tried to thrust into his hand but his grip was too tight for that and so all it did was make me strain and pulse even more. But then I felt something slide around my balls and hear the tell-tale snaps of clasps being secured into place. He had leashed my dick with a cock ring!

Once he had all the snaps in place, he released my member, which now felt even harder than before with the added support of the ring. I felt one last pinch of my nipples, which caused me to whimper a bit as the tightness of the ring continued to keep me on edge.

"Happy anniversary, sweetie!" he cajoled right before I heard the door slam shut.

Oh shit.

Part 2

I had no idea that Robert might be into a little light bondage play like this. Nor did I realize that he had access to a cock ring. Or how effectively he had secured it around my privates.

The ring was doing a pretty good job of keeping me hard and ultimately horny. Or hornier. I could feel it pulsing and bobbing a bit whenever I tried to readjust my position despite my silken restraints. I couldn't even figure out how to slip off the blindfold. The residue of the syrup and the whipped cream left me feeling a little uncomfortable with the stickiness. I tried struggling against my restraints again, my erect penis shifting from side to side as I did so.

"Ooh, do that again! That's kinda hot oh man of mine." Robert jeered, thus announcing his presence.

"You've been here all this time?" I exclaimed, realizing that I had been fooled by a rather obvious subterfuge. An involuntary hiss escaped from my lips as I felt him lightly rake a finger up my shaft, sending shivers up and down my spine. "Of course I wouldn't leave you like this sweetie. You're too much fun to enjoy this way, hehe. But it was cute to see what you tried to do when you thought I had left" this time using his entire hand to envelope my cock and slowly stroke it a bit. I tried thrusting into his hand, but he immediately let go once he felt me moving.

"None of that now - I want you to leave everything up to me, hehe."

Another five minutes of silence stretched out like an eternity. I could still feel the churning in my balls but I was definitely far away from the edge of release that he had brought me to when all of this had started. We had never tried edge play before - but it was something we had talked about. Oh dear.

I yelped when I felt the intense cold of an ice cube being applied to my right nipple. The burning sensation soon turned to numbed as he continued to run it across the nub, his hand again gripping my cock too tightly for me to thrust against. And then he deftly swapped out the cube for his warm tongue as it danced across the tip, making me squirm against my restraints. The contrasting sensations were amazing. He kept this up for a rather lengthy period of time - sometimes stroking me as he suckled on a nipple or other times running the cube up and down my sides to get me to laugh and squeal. Despite the cube, I could feel sweat forming all over my body given my exertions.

But the whole time he kept me firmly erect. His fingers would dance across my balls, tracing each pulsing vein up the length of my shaft. I felt like some weird musical instrument and every touch would elicit a new sound from me. And Robert was definitely proving to be quite the precocious musician.

And then he stopped once more - leaving me with droplets of the still cold water dotted across my body. It wasn't until I was free of his ministrations did I realize that my lips felt dry and that I had been gasping for breath. The boy was really working me up - and tiring me out!

"That was really great think we can wrap this up so I can show you how much I appreciate this?" I tried asking. I only got a chuckle in response.

It's hard to describe the intensity of an ice cube being applied to your very engorged and especially sensitive member without warning. I have no idea how loud I shouted, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a happy sound. Even with the leash around my balls, the cold of the cube was quickly killing my erection, leaving my balls feeling rather confused as to what to do with the heavy load they had prepared for the occasion.

Then I felt him clamber on top of me - the smoothness of his underwear brushing against my now softening erection. His lips met mine and we kissed. The intensity surprised me and I felt a hunger in me that I had not really given into before. I suppose the edging was, well, putting me on edge. And this much intimate contact was bliss compared to the fleeting licks and touches that he had been subjecting me to ever since I woke up.

His lips left mine and I felt him tongue roughly licking against my side to my armpit. "Salty." he remarked as he continued licking my arms, jumping to my neck. His kisses seemed equally urgent and just a little primal - I wouldn't be surprised to emerge from this encounter with more than a few hickeys. And the whole while he rubbed his fabric-covered ass over my imprisoned cock, which was now coming back to life thanks to his attentions.

He took both of my nipples into his hands and twisted them, again making me scream out in pain and surprise. And then he leapt off the bed, leaving me panting with my cock once again fully engorged. The ring was pressing against my dick, limiting the flow of blood out of my cock. I felt him stretch my cock downwards as far as it would go. The feeling was uncomfortable yes still oddly erotic - especially once he let go and let my firm meat slap back against my body. He repeated this a few times, each time making me gasp through my teeth. I could feel droplets of moisture beginning to dot my abs - whether it was sweat, saliva or precum was anyone's guess at this point.

And again he stopped, leaving me in silence with only my ragged breathing for company. It was getting harder and harder to think now - the need for release was becoming a driving force in my brain that was overriding everything else. Gone were the thoughts of revenge or trying to figure out a way to escape my bonds. Instead I could only feel my cock - every throbbing pulse, every ooze of precum trying to work its way up my shaft and every shiver whenever his breathing was close enough to be felt.

I heard Robert fiddling with a plastic bag - and I felt both excited and scared about what next trick he had in mind for me.

But fuck, I needed to cum!

Part 3

I couldn't tell what Robert was up to other than the fact that he was getting more surprises from that little bag of his. While the steady pounding of my own heart seemed to fill my ears with my cock almost twitching in time to the beat, I could still make out the sounds of packaging being opened and something being liberated.

Then I felt him raise me off the bed a bit as he roughly slid a pillow beneath me, leave my bound body at a bit more of an angle than before. "Are you going to..." I began to ask but he cut me off with another long kissing session, his fingers raking down the sides of my body. I couldn't form the words to finish my question given he had gone back to assaulting my nipple with his teeth and tongue, leaving me mumbling nonsensically.

In hindsight, he had really mapped out what buttons to push to disable me. Thus I didn't immediately notice how he had managed to lube my ass with the kind of gel that starts to warm you after its applied. But the tingling was hard not to notice even with his enthusiastic ministrations.

"!" I gasped as he bit down hard on my left nipple as I felt his fingers continue to dance around the lip of my hole. He merely chuckled as his fingers continued to torment me down there - the entrance beginning to relent as I relaxed and gave in to the sensations.

And then he left me alone again, the only sensation left was the mild throbbing of my abused nipples and the gentle heat radiating from my nether regions. And of course the pulsing of my cock as another drop of pre-cum painfully made its way up my ringed dick. I licked my lips to try to dampen them after my continued panting, but it seemed even my tongue was beginning to dry out. How long had I been tied up?

The bed shifted as he positioned himself over my legs again and I heard the distinct snap of a cap being slapped back into place. Before I could comment, an insistent probing began at the entrance as he took is well-lubed hand and gripped my shaft once more. The mixed sensations were overwhelming for my already over-sensitized body and my moans and gasps grew louder as he stroked me harder and faster as he slipped something into me. It didn't at least - I was far too worked up to really put up resistance at this point. Whatever it was, it wasn't overwhelmingly big.

Then stars exploded in my eyes despite the enforced darkness of the blindfold as the toy slipped home. The curved object must have hit my prostate or something because DAMN it was intense.

"Someone likes my surprise!" he taunted in a playful singsong tone as he worked the toy in my ass, his other hand keeping a firm grip of my dick but no longer stroking. "The only problem with lubing you up is that I don't get to blow you anymore." he said somewhat mournfully - I could practically imagine that play-pout he puts on when he's trying to be cute. Well, at least I saw glimpse of that between the explosions of sensation as he rocked the device back and forth inside me.

"Pretty neat, huh? Not your ordinary dildo to be sure - and it cost a pretty penny." he tried to explain as he slowly stroked me from head to root as he held the toy deep inside me, the muscles inside my ass still pulsing and thus rubbing against the intruder inside me. I don't know what I was saying anymore - a mix of moans, gibberish and animal howls as he brought me to the edge a few times but carefully backing away every time it felt like I was about to finally gain release.

Then he let go of me completely, my cock practically reaching for his missing hand. As the chill air of the room tried to cool my overheating member, I felt him nudge the toy as deep as it could go, the idly tapping to some unheard beat. Each time to rubbed against my prostate. Each time I gasped or moaned. Every so often I'd feel another bead of precum work is way up my shaft and just beyond the tip of the head.

"Are you...ohgods...gonna...ugh...fuck me?" I barely managed to ask as he took my dick into hand once more. "Oh no sweetie - I'm still a bottom. You're going to fuck me." He jeered as he finally stood up. I could feel his weight shifting as he stood on the bed above me. Then there was the unmistakable sensation of his underwear being lowered. The snap-click of the cap of the bottle of lube as he prepared himself (as least that was my guess) and then...

...I was biting down on cloth. It took me a moment to realize he had stuffed his own underwear into my gasping mouth. I could taste a hint of his own precum mixing with my saliva as he grabbed my dick once more.

Entering Robert wasn't always a...simple matter. I'm not saying that I was particularly thick or big. But he was definitely tight. And after being left on edge for god knows how long, the tight, warm embrace of his ass was excruciatingly overwhelming. Probably had my cock not been ensnared by the cock ring, the mere act of entry would have sent me over the edge. I moaned into the improvised gag as he bottomed out, his smooth butt cheeks rubbing against my pubes.

Then he set to work, his body slowly moving back and forth and he maneuvered my cock to where it felt best for him. It was slow, steady and gentle - he was being careful not to set me off right away. All I could do was groan into the gag as he pretty much pleasured himself using my dick while the toy still lodged inside me occasionally brushed against my own prostate because of his motions.

But soon even he couldn't hold back too much. His pace quickened and I could hear him moaning louder and louder as well. I could feel my own need rising and the thought of release was all that dominated my thinking. As he bounced up and down my shaft the toy tormented me. While it was true that I was fucking him, that bastard up my ass was certainly fucking me. And I was loving every moment.

I could hear his breathing quicken and his panting grew more insistent - he was close. And naturally so was I.

Then he surprised me once again my extracting himself from my cock while yanking off my blindfold in one smooth motion. I was blinded for a moment as he knelt in front of me, stroking himself furiously. As my eyes came into focus I could finally admire his beautiful body - he was covered in sweat just like I was. His eyes were closed and his head thrown back as he stroked himself hard and fast. Finally he looked down at me, a bead of sweat balancing of the tip of his nose as he smiled that impish smile of his.

Then he came.

He practically roared as rope after rope of cum erupted from his shaft and landed on my face. It's a pity I was still gagged - I loved the taste of his cum. But there was no time for that now as his torrent gushed out in fierce spurts and I had to squint in time to avoid a rather sizable glob of cum that landed on my hastily sealed eye lid. He showered me with his seed and the mixture of cum and sweat felt like it was all over my face and chest. When he finished, he just knelt there with his cock still in hand, a pearl of cum slowly dripping down his fist. He was so beautiful as he just hovered there in front of me, his chest heaving with every breath.

He finally came down from his little high and looked back down at me, as if he had just remembered I was in the room. He smiled as he finally removed the briefs from my mouth and dove down for a kiss. He was salty from his own sweat and yet strangely sweet to my lips. That was a mouth I'd never tired of kissing indeed.

Finally me maneuvered himself to the side of the bed as he examined my still bound figure. I could only pant as well - his orgasm had been hot enough to quite literally take my breath away.

Then he took my shaft in hand one last time - each finger wrapping around it individually. In that moment I could practically feel his own raging heart through his palm - although that was probably my own blood racing through my shaft. I felt him disengage the cock ring with another snap click and felt my cock feel even fuller than it had been. "Cum for me" he whispered with a throaty, raspy voice as he looked directly into my eyes.

He gave me one more stroke from head to root, his fingers brushing over every inch of my shaft. Then he shoved the toy in hard.

It was like a punch in the gut as the air escaped from my lungs and my consciousness seemed to shift - as if I was now centered on my crotch. Time seemed to slow as I tried to process everything that I was feeling all at once and then it accelerated as the first blast of cum erupted from my dick. I don't know how long my orgasm lasted but it felt like a lifetime as he just held me tight, the toy still lodged inside me.

But man did I cum as in I really, really CAME and I painted myself with my own spunk. The sounds coming from my mouth were unreal - the sort of sounds you'd expect porn actors to perform on command in order to ham it up for the camera.

When I finally recovered myself, I could feel a tear or two running down my cheek as my body finally and truly relaxed after hours of blissful torture. And there was Robert, smiling a goofy grin that was both children and damn sexy at the same time.

"Happy anniversary" he croaked, his voice also shaky from our little "ordeal" together. He gently got on top of me once more and the two of his kissed, our cum rubbing between our sweat-soaked bodies.

Gods, I love this boy.

...and I can't wait to get even.