Midnight Connection

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Written May 2011 (mm)

There was barely enough light to see him, but what I could see I liked. He wasn't too buff - just nicely toned with the perky kind of nipples that are a delight to nibble. He was just sitting there, enjoying the attention I was giving him.

No words were needed - we knew exactly what we wanted from one another. Every time we'd meet like this, it was the same thing - the wordless dance to a bass beat that only the two of us could hear. We never mentioned our real names or what we did beyond these walls. In these short trysts, it would just be the two of us and the raw desire we felt.

He grinned as he started at me - I could practically feel his eyes examining every inch of my body. He had liked what I had to offer from the first time we met and every time he'd start with taking it all in. I have to admit it made me feel good - who wouldn't enjoy that kind of attention. It was practically worship.

He rubbed his hand over his chest, tracing invisible circles as he moved further down his body. I mirror his motions, letting him set the pace this time. The chill of the room raised goosebumps all over my body as he continued to touch himself. I longed for him to touch me in turn, but that was not how the game went. One started and the other followed - a silent mirror dance.

The light played across his body as he rubbed his hand all over him - touching the parts of him that I longed to reach for. But still we had to dance the dance and I followed his lead. And the whole time he had that wry grin on with just the hint of his teeth glimmering in the dim lights. I could feel my heart racing, its pounding joining the music we continued to dance to. He tweaked his right nipple and I tweaked mine two beats later. He'd run his fingers down each chiseled abdominal and I'd touch mine in turn.

Suddenly he took his arms away and let them hang loose at his sides. I followed suit, the pounding of my heart resonating throughout my body. He knew how to work me up and the knowledge of that power turned him on as well. Still he wouldn't move - each of us raging, roaring to take the next step. I didn't need to look down to know that he was as excited as I was. Still he remained motionless, absolutely still...

...really, really still. FUCK!

The music was gone as I broke the routine, grabbing my mouse and clicking about randomly, hoping it was just a momentary delay.

But it was too late - I was disconnected. Damn this third world country.